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13 October 2008

Data Refresh Failed

by Patrik Luca 6 comments


Problem Description: Data Refresh Failed

You have configured Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to enable workbooks load in Excel Services. You have stored your data connection in a trusted data connection library and your Excel 2007 workbook in a trusted file location. You open the Excel 2007 workbook and you apply a filter or you choose to Refresh All Connections. Following error message is appearing:
Unable to retrieve external data for the following connections:
The data sources may be unreachable, may not be responding, or may have denied you access.
Verify that data refresh is enabled for the trusted file location and that the workbook data authentication is correctly set.

Refreshing all connections or filtering with an administrator account works without problem.

Solution: Configure the Unattented Service Account

Go to SharePoint Central Administration and go to your Shared Service Provider. In the section Excel Services Settings, choose Edit Excel Services Settings. In the External Data section configure the Unattended Service Account: it should be an account with administrator rights. Execute an iisreset. Your problem should be fixed.

Comments 6 comments
J├╝rgen said...

Had the same issue- take a look at

used this cmdline statemant: stsadm -o set-ecssecurity -accessmodel delegation -ssp sspname

replace sspname with the name
restartet the IIS

Anonymous said...

I try to add user name password and tried its not working

Patrik Luca said...

Your user name is an account with administrator rights and you performed an iisreset yet?

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem

Anonymous said...

Try this. I've tried everything else out there until I came across this post. Fixed the issue immediately:

Anonymous said...

not working

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