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02 May 2018

Getting framework with id ‘012345’ failed from Lifecycle Services

Problem description: Getting framework with id ‘012345’ failed from Lifecycle Services

While trying to open a Task recording from Lifecycle Services you receive this error suddenly, while you were able to open Task recordings on your environment before


  1. Log in on the AOS of your environment
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Execute following queries on the AxDB database:
    select * from sysoauthusertokens
                  delete SYSHELPSETUP
                  delete SysLCSLibrary
                  delete SysLCSProject
                  delete SysHelpCPSSetup
  4. Go to Dynamics 365 FO and go to Help (?) > Support
  5. Click the ‘Click here to connect to Lifecycle Services’ link in the Connect to Lifecycle Services prompt. This will refresh the OAuth token for LCS.
  6. Go to System Administration > Setup > System Parameters. In the Help tab, under Task Guide and Support contact, select the correct LCS project.

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08 January 2015

Modifying Security in application workspace not possible if version control is enabled

Problem description: modifying Security in application workspace not possible if version control is enabled

In case version control is enabled, it is not possible anymore to create new Security roles, new Duties, copy Duties, delete Duties through the Dynamics AX application workspace. You always have to open a development workspace and have access to the AOT.

Solution: disable check on version control

Modify following objects in the AOT to enable modifying Security in the application workspace with version control enabled.

Class SysSecTree, method canDoStuff:

boolean rootSelected, atLeastOneNodeSelected;

// BGN to allow user to create security duties through GUI in case version control is on
//if (SysSecHelper::isVersionControlOn() || !treeControl)
// return [false, false, false, false, false, false];
if (!treeControl)
return [false, false, false, false, false, false];
// END

idx = treeControl.getFirstSelected();

Form SysSecRolesEditTasks, method init:


// BGN
// to allow user to create security roles through GUI
// in case version control is on
//if (SysSecHelper::isVersionControlOn())
// this.enableReadOnlyMode();
// roleName.viewEditMode(ViewEditMode::Edit);
// roleDescription.viewEditMode(ViewEditMode::Edit);

// END

sysTreeControl = new SysSecTreeControl(this as Object);

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01 December 2014

Limited Main menu after activating Retail configuration key

Problem description: Limited Main menu after activating Retail configuration key

After activating a Retail configuration key, restarting Dynamics AX client only shows one menu item in the Main menu: Retail Essentials.

Also some buttons aren’t available anymore on Sales orders and Purchase orders, such as Request change, Purchase order confirmations, …

Solution: activate configuration key Full feature set

Apparently activating Retail limits (to ease user experience) the Dynamics AX client. In case you want to use some Retail features, but you are not in a Retail implementation, checking the Full feature set configuration key brings back all the features of Dynamics AX in the Main menu.

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03 December 2013

Schedule full CIL compile

Business requirement: Schedule full CIL compile

A full CIL compile can be run from the AX client, but you cannot schedule it. This post describes how to achieve scheduling a full CIL compile recurring using Task Scheduler.

Solution: step-by-step scheduling with Task Scheduler

Open Task Scheduler, create a new folder for your Dynamics AX tasks and choose Create new Task.

In the Triggers tab define the recurrence pattern for your task.

In the Actions tab define the task to run, being the full CIL compile.
In the Program/script field point to your AX client, normally it should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Client\Bin\Ax32.exe".
As arguments you specify the following:
-aos2=<AOSServer>:<portnumber> -startupcmd=CompileIl -lazytableloading –lazyclassloading where you replace <AOSServer> and <portnumber> with your actual AOS and port.

You are done: CIL compile is scheduled to run recurrent, just make sure you have a remote desktop session open to the server where you have scheduled it, so it can kick off at the scheduled time.

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31 October 2013

Links List October 2013

I decided to share all my interesting reads and resources month by month with my blog readers. You can find these posts by searching on the label Links. I'll try to order the resources in logical categories. If you would like to see some interesting stuff added in the next month, don't hesitate to post a comment.

So this is my Links post for October 2013.

Dynamics AX

Project Accounting

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10 July 2013

Create item requirements checkbox


There is a really nice new feature from R2 onwards in the Project management and accounting module for project purchase orders.

There is a new checkbox in the project accounting parameters, called Create item requirements​.


What it does is, when you create a project purchase order, it creates automatically for you a marked item requirement on the project purchase order (and not anymore the annoying virtual inventory transaction which makes upon receipt of the project purchase order, items are consumed immediately on the project).

Upon receipt of your project purchase order, the popup still comes where you can choose to consume the items immediately, but you don't need to do it. Making it possible to ship actually after receipt of your project purchase order, your goods on a latter moment in time and keep it in between in your warehouse (and probably break the marking and reservation so you can use the bought goods for another more urgent project).

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28 June 2013

Project item requirements in AX 2012 R2


Some changes to project item requirements are introduced since AX 2012 R2.

Changes in AX 2012 R2

The Item requirements form moved from the Manage to the Plan tab in the ribbon.

You can create Sales orders of Order type Item requirements. As consequence, you can create as many Item requirements Sales orders as you want on the same project. Hence you could group your Item requirements based on Delivery date, and also if that group of item requirements changes of Delivery date, you can simply adapt it on the Sales order heading in stead of having to do it Order line by Order line.
Although you can create Sales orders of Order type Item requirements, you still can’t post the Packing Slip from the Project sales orders form: you still can only book it on the Item requirements form.

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