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24 September 2008

7 crucial points to check upon document conversion failure

by Patrik Luca 2 comments


Problems which may arise with document conversion

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 includes document-to-Web page conversion utilities that can convert Microsoft Office Word 2007 documents (with and without macros) into standard Web pages that can be published to an internal or external Web site.

Some problems or difficulties may arise though while setting or trying to use this document conversion functionality:

  • While converting a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document, you receive following error: Converting the document to a page failed. The converter framework returned the following error: CE_OTHER.
  • The Convert Document option is not available in the contextual menu for a document stored in a SharePoint Document Library.

7 crucial points to check

If you run into these difficulties, I recommend to run through underneath checklist to verify if everything is set up as it should.
  • Go yo SharePoint Central Administration -> Application Management -> Document conversions (under the External Service Connections section) and verify if document conversions is enabled for the Web Application and if there is a Load Balancer Server defined.
  • Check in Administrative Tool -> Services if the Office Document Conversion Launcher Service is running and is running under the Local System account.
  • Check in Administrative Tool -> Services if the Office Document Conversions Load Balancer Service is running and is running under the Local Service account.
  • Check if Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is not installed on a domain controller: document conversion is not supported in such a configuration (you could have this problem if you are trying out some stuff on a local VPC for example).
  • Check if the Microsoft Word document is saved in the 2007 version (extension .docx). The document conversion won't work for Microsoft Word documents saved in a previous version.
  • Check if the publishing features are enabled for the SharePoint site on which you try to use the document conversion functionality.
  • Verify the configuration of the content type of your Microsoft Word document: it should be configured properly for document conversion. (Manage document conversion for this content type).

If you have other checks to perform, feel free to post them as comment to this blogpost.

Some interesting resources around the SharePoint document conversion functionality:

Comments 2 comments
asd said...

there is an amazing page that offers document conversion and they are really good. Online Document Converter

Anonymous said...

The LoadBalancer Service shold run under the Network Service according to microsoft articles. Is this recommendation for a single server setup?

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