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18 September 2008

Getting rid of logon prompts when opening Office documents

by Patrik Luca 2 comments


Problem description: You are prompted to enter your credentials each time you open a Microsoft Office document stored in a SharePoint document library

Each time you open a Microsoft Office document, you are prompted to enter your credentials again, even if you check the box remember my password. For non Microsoft Office documents, such as PDF files, you are not prompted to enter your credentials. The credentials prompt is not taken into account apparently: if you choose Cancel in the prompted window without entering your credentials, the Microsoft Office document is still opened.

Solution: Modify the registry

There is a fix for Microsoft Vista: you should have service pack 1 installed of Microsoft Vista as the hotfix is automatically included in service pack 1.
The next step is to modify your registry as described in the Microsoft KB You are prompted to enter your credentials when you access an FQDN site by using a Windows Vista-based client computer that has no proxy configured.

Comments 2 comments
Martin Hipfinger said...

a good whitepaper for this topic:

Patrik Luca said...

If the login prompts re-appear, try restarting the WebClient service. The login prompts can re-appear after you booted your PC from a hibernated shutdown: restarting the WebClient service should make the logins disappear again. A reboot of your PC without hibernating as well off course.

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