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22 May 2008

Restore subsite: parent web does not exist

by Patrik Luca 14 comments


Problem description: during restore of a subsite following error occurs: parent web does not exist

I had exported a subsite having over 50 subsites beneath it using the stsadm -o export command. Upon importing the hence created backup file using the stsadm -o import command on another server, a fatal error occurs. The error logged is: FatalError: The file cannot be imported because its parent web <URL name of the exported subsite> does not exist.

Solution: do the import as site collection administrator

My first thought was that I needed to create a blank site with the same URL name before importing my subsite. So I gave it a try: my import started better, but it failed again, on the first of the more than 50 subsites beneath my "parent" subsite. So I created again a blank site for this sub-subsite. My import went already some further, but then it failed -off course- on the second of the more of 50 sub-subsites. I couldn't believe I would need to create my complete site hierarchy before being able to import my backup of a subsite. Then I tried to do the import with another user account, and hey, the import ran smoothly without any errors. So what was the difference: my second account was a member of the site collection administrators group.
Conclusion: running an import of a backup of a subsite should be done with a user account being member of the site collection administrators group, else you get some cryptic error messages and a failure of your restore operation.

Comments 14 comments
Anonymous said...

I've seen the same error while importing files that were exported from a Read-Only Locked site into a new site collection. Unlocking prior to export produced better results.

help! said...

i tried importing using site collection administrator account but it still failed.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me !

Anonymous said...

thanks for the valuable information. I have been getting "fatal error:value does not fall within the expected range" error when i import subsites that have subsites within it. so i added my name to site collection administrator. now the error dissappeared.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrik!

Obilogic said...

Thanks Partrik..
Great tip

Anonymous said...

The comment regarding exporting a site in a locked state just saved my skin. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

after googling for 2.5 and still no valid fix I was gonna give up on this STOOPID error... came across your post and now it's fixed!!!!!!!

Simply added the user to the site collection administrators group and all is GOOD!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I have verified the site collection administration tip,site lock state tip..but still it didnt work. Any other idea?

Thanks in advance

Peter Carter said...
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Peter Carter said...
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Peter Carter said...
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Peter Carter said...
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Peter Carter said...

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