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10 June 2011

Set mail recipient and mail subject during posting

by Patrik Luca 4 comments


Business requirement: automatic setting of mail recipient and mail subject during posting

This post describes how to set the mail recipient and mail subject dynamically, but in an automatic way upon posting the packing slip for a purchase order. The printed packing slip is added as PDF to the created mail message. The solution is on an Axapta 3.0 installation, but probably the same can work for other Dynamics AX versions.


Create a new method in the class PurchFormLetter_PackingSlip.

void initPrintJobSettings()
PrintJobSettings printJobSettings;
printJobSettings =
new PrintJobSettings(printerSettingsFormletter);
// set the output format of the packing slip to PDF
// set the mail recipient (this could be parameterised,
// in the example it is hardcoded)
if (purchTable)
// set the mail subject if (purchTable)
+ “ “ + purchTable.PurchId);

Add a new method in the class PurchFormLetter.

void initPrintJobSettings()

Call the method in the main method of the class PurchFormLetter.


if (purchFormLetter.prompt())


Comments 4 comments
Skaue said...

Anyone tested this on AX 2009? At first glance I can't see why it shouldn't work.

Zubair Ahmed said...

Nice post.

Visit my site Dynamics AX at

If you like it add to your links and I'll do the same.

Patrik Luca said...

I've added Zubair's Microsoft Dynamics AX blog to my blog list.

santosh singh said...

Your all posts are nice. This is another blog which i get very useful for dynamics learner

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