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06 March 2009

No active bill of materials version exists

by Patrik Luca 2 comments


The end-user can use the BOM Designer in Dynamics AX, which is a graphic display of the BOM tree structure of an item. The end-user can select different configurations and decide what information to display on the lines of the tree. More information about this Dynamics AX functionality can be found on MSDN.


Problem description: No active bill of materials version exists

Upon opening the BOM Designer (Inventory Management>Item Details>select an item of Item type BOM>BOM>Designer), no graphic display of the BOM tree structure is shown. Instead an error is shown: No active bill of materials version exists.



However, if we take a loot at the BOM version for the item (Inventory Management>Item Details>BOM>Lines), it is Active and Approved.



Solution: Set the default order settings for the BOM item

This problem occurs if no Default order settings are defined for the BOM item. To fix the error, specify the Default order settings (Inventory Management>Item Details>Setup>Default order settings). Specify the default Purchase, Inventory and Sales site.



Re-open the BOM Designer for your BOM item: the graphic display of the BOM tree structure is shown now. The previous mentioned error is just a bit confusing, because it mentions you don’t have an active BOM version, while you have one. In fact, the error shown has nothing to do an active BOM version, which may mislead you and lead to a lot of searching to fix this error…


Comments 2 comments
Anonymous said...

Hi Patrik,
The solution proposed did not apply to the formula designer.
Do you know the fix for the formula?


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