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26 July 2008

Hide the View All Site Content Link

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Problem description: How to hide the View All Site Content Link

In some cases, you want to hide the View All Site Content link in the Quick Launch: this to less confuse SharePoint end-users. The less links an end-user has to click on, the less the end-user will be confused. However, hiding this View All Site Content link is not possible with out-of-the-box functionality for SharePoint.

Solution: Install Mark Wagners Hide the View All Site Content link feature

Mark Wagner created a great feature to achieve this. It allows you to move this link underneath the Site Actions menu, as such keeping the link available for site administrators. Keep in mind, this feature doesn't close down the link: end-users knowing the /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx page, will still be able to access the content of the Hide the View All Site Content link. But at least, this great feature makes it more difficult to reach it for an end-user. To download the feature, go to Mark Wagner - Cogitation Blog and look for his post How To: Hide/Remove the View All Site Content link in SharePoint

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