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14 May 2008

Limited number of subsites automatically added to Quick Launch

by Patrik Luca 4 comments


Business requirement: show more than 50 subsites in the Quick Launch

You can check the box Show subsites in the Subsites and Pages section of the Site Navigation Settings for a site. By doing so, each added subsite beneath that site will be added automatically to the Quick Launch navigation element. However, this is limited to 50 subsites. Once you are adding the 51th subsite, it will not be added anymore automatically to the Quick Launch. This can be pretty confusing for your end-users. Especially if you are having fly-out menus in the Global Navigation element on top op the page (there the 51th or above subsite won't appear either).

Solution: add additional subsites manually to the Quick Launch navigation element

The problem is not that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is not able to handle more than 50 Quick Launch links. It just stops adding automatically subsites once the limit of 50 subsites is reached. Hence you should add the 51th and above subsite manually to the Quick Launch links.

  1. On the home page for the site, click the Site Actions menu.

  2. Choose Site Settings.

  3. Choose Navigation.

  4. In the Navigation Editing and Sorting section, choose Add link...

  5. Fill out the appearing form to add a Quick Launch link to your 51th or above subsite.

Your additional subsites will appear in the Quick Launch navigation element and if activated, in your fly-out menu in the Global Navigation aswell.

Comments 4 comments
Anonymous said...

The navigation is NOT limited to 50 sub-sites. That is the default value. It can be changed to another number or unlimited. High number can cause performance issues.

Patrik Luca said...


can you explain where this default value can be changed?

Michael Boggs said...

Yes please. Any help where to change this number would be apprecaited.

Anonymous said...

You can change this behavior in web.config, For each of the dataproviders you can change the DynamicChildLimit property. If you set this to 0 there is no limit.

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