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04 April 2008

Document Information Panel: not all values available for a lookup field

by Patrik Luca 5 comments


Problem description: Not all values available for a lookup field in the Document Information Panel

I ran into a problem where not all values were available in the Document Information Panel for a certain field. This field was a lookup field to a SharePoint list. The field was defined as a Multiple-Selection List Box in the Document Information Panel.

Solution: Change the Item Limit in the default view on the SharePoint list.

The cause of this problem was the default view defined on the SharePoint list. The number of items displayed in the Item Limit was limited: only those values were shown in the Document Information Panel. Increasing this Item Limit as such that all items were displayed in the default view of the SharePoint list resulted also in displaying all available values in the Document Information Panel for the Multiple-Selection List Box.

Comments 5 comments
Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Patrick. I just ran into the problem you described. It sure would be nice if a lookup column would allow the user to choose the view for the list lookup.

Nathan said...

Yeah, thanks for posting this, I was rather confused by this problem. It certainly seems counter-intuitive that the lookup values for the document information panel are limited to the first pages of results in the default view. I can't see why anyone would actually want this functionality.

Patrik Luca said...

Hi Nathan,

I totally agree that it seems counter-intuitive: it took me a while before I realized that the limitation of values in the document information panel was related to my default view on my list...

Nathan said...

Now that I've thought about it further, it is an advantage to have it related to a view (when you know about it), as you can include filtering and sorting. I've recently been stung by the lack of this ability in standard lookup column edit views as I can't specify my own sort order. I'm just stuck with alphabetical.

SimonM said...

Thankyou so much, this has been a big problem for a long time.

Patrik Luca, Ieper, BELGIUM
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