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16 February 2008

All sites search scope missing in the search box for non-English created sites

by Patrik Luca 14 comments


Sites created in a non-English language are missing the All sites and All people search scope in the search box in the upper right corner of each page. Only the This site: search scope appears in the drop down box.

To fix this, follow these steps (the example is for a site created in Dutch):

  1. Go to the Site Collection level and choose Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings.
  2. Click Search Scopes under the group Site Collection Administration.
  3. Click New Display Group.
  4. The title you enter is very important. For Dutch sites it needs to be exactly the text Vervolgkeuzelijst voor zoeken and nothing else. For other languages you'll need to find the exact translation in your language of the English default equivalent Search Dropdown.
  5. At the Scopes group click both People and All Sites.
  6. At the Default Scope group, click All sites.

You can rename at the SSP level the All Sites and People in your own language to have a consistent language interface for your end-users.

Comments 14 comments
Anonymous said...

Wow, this is unbelieveable!
Thank you very much, but how do I find out, what is the translation for another language? How did you find out?

I am looking for the translation in German.


Anonymous said...

Got it!
I just had to create a sitecollection in this language and set up a search center.
Then it showed me, that the correct Translation is "Suchdropdown". I tested it before in two separate words!^&#

REM YOU CAN CHANGE THE LANGUAGE FOR THE SC with the parameter LCID as follows:
rem 1031 German
rem 1033 English
stsadm.exe -o createsiteinnewdb -lcid 1031 ........


Patrik Luca said...

Just as information: the translation in French is Liste déroulante de recherche. Thanks to Boulatek.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!

I've been searching for this for weeks now.

And I'm also happy that "Liste déroulante de recherche" is given for the french version.

Merci beaucoup Boulatek!

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with a site collection in English. Turns out someone deleted the Display Group so I used this information to recreate it and it worked fine. Thanks very much.

Ago said...

Yes. Thanks a lot. I spent 3 days to find out, why all my sites show only This Site search scope. My site is in 5 different languages (and the 6th - English is for Central Admin). Then I discovered on English site it worked and then googleing lead me to Your blog. Estonian translation that works is by the way "Otsingu Ripploend":) Have to find now 4 more:)

maxmun said...

In Italian is "Casella di riepilogo a discesa ricerca".
The translation is terrible!!
Thank you very much

PAPs said...

And here is translation for Slovenian:"Spustno polje za iskanje"
And yea! Translations are terrible! :D

sergio said...

OMG Thankyou so much :D)))

you are a lifesaver, have been searching everywhere for this solution.

Alex said...

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

It seems to fail after CU october 2009.

The method "GetScopeDisplayGroupNameDefaultValue()" in control "SearchBoxEx" checks the language of the rootweb and always works with that language down the tree.

If anyone finds a solution, plz post it somewhere. (Or ask JOPX to post it ;-)

Josep said...

...the translation in Catalan is:

"Desplegable de cerca"

Anonymous said...

I how you one!!! Thanks a million times! :-) We need to launch a large portal and I discovered that search was now working properly. You made my day.

Anonymous said...

...the translation in Latvian is:

"Meklēšanas nolaižamais saraksts"

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