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22 January 2008

How to display the csv icon in a SharePoint document library

by Patrik Luca 1 comments


After uploading a .csv file, the icon displayed for it in a document library is just a little white page. If you want to show the Microsoft Excel .csv icon for such a file, execute the following steps:

  1. Open the 12 hive.


  3. Open the DOCICON.XML file with an editor such as Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007.

  4. Add following line:
    <Mapping Key="csv" Value="CSV16.GIF" EditText="Microsoft Office Excel" OpenControl="SharePoint.OpenDocuments" />

  5. Execute an iisreset

You could do the same to display an icon for pdf documents. The only difference is that you should first upload yourself a .jpg or .gif file as it is not yet present after installing SharePoint. Upload the file in the 12\TEMPLATE\IMAGES hive and execute the steps described above.

Comments 1 comments
Anonymous said...

I was trying to solve this problem for long time. but i am still not able to do this. here is my problem

i have a need to hide everything from the list view webpart toolbar items except “Export Event” which i did through the javascript and content editor web part.

but the main problem is it hides the toolbar for everyone. what i need is-i want to hide /show the item in toolbar according to the user roles and permission . for example if the user is administrator i don’t wanna hide anything. how do i do THAT? if you could give me resources or code sample then that will be great. thanks


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