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24 October 2011

Printing documents linked with Document Handling while printing Reports

by Patrik Luca 2 comments


Business requirement: Printing documents linked with Document Handling while printing Reports

This post describes how you can print automatically documents linked with Document Handling while printing a Report. This post elaborates following business scenario: users attach documents to the Project entity. Upon printing the Project Invoice, these documents should be printed right away and in an automatic way.


Add a new ProjTable variable to the classDeclaration of the Report ProjInvoice: it will be used to store the value of our currently printed Project.

Create a method on table ProjInvoiceJour to get the ProjId for the currently printed Project Invoice. In this scenario we suppose no Project Invoices are made over multiple Projects, so there is a one to one link between a Project Invoice and a Project (which is not an obligation in Dynamics AX).

display ProjId projId()
ProjInvoiceItem projInvoiceItem;
ProjInvoiceEmpl projInvoiceEmpl;
ProjInvoiceCost projInvoiceCost;
ProjInvoiceRevenue projInvoiceRevenue;
ProjInvoiceOnAcc projInvoiceOnAcc;
ProjId projId = '';

while select projInvoiceEmpl
where projInvoiceEmpl.ProjInvoiceId ==
&& projInvoiceEmpl.InvoiceDate == this.InvoiceDate
if (projId && projId != projInvoiceEmpl.ProjId)
return "";
projId = projInvoiceEmpl.ProjId;

while select projInvoiceItem
where projInvoiceItem.ProjInvoiceId ==
&& projInvoiceItem.InvoiceDate == this.InvoiceDate
if (projId && projId != projInvoiceItem.ProjId)
return "";
projId = projInvoiceItem.ProjId;

while select projInvoiceCost
where projInvoiceCost.ProjInvoiceId ==
&& projInvoiceCost.InvoiceDate == this.InvoiceDate
if (projId && projId != projInvoiceCost.ProjId)
return "";
projId = projInvoiceCost.ProjId;

while select projInvoiceRevenue
where projInvoiceRevenue.ProjInvoiceId ==
&& projInvoiceRevenue.InvoiceDate == this.InvoiceDate
if (projId && projId != projInvoiceRevenue.ProjId)
return "";
projId = projInvoiceRevenue.ProjId;

while select projInvoiceOnAcc
where projInvoiceOnAcc.ProjInvoiceId ==
&& projInvoiceOnAcc.InvoiceDate == this.InvoiceDate
if (projId && projId != projInvoiceOnAcc.ProjId)
return "";
projId = projInvoiceOnAcc.ProjId;

return projId;

Call this method in the fetch of the Report ProjInvoice.

projInvoiceTable = ProjInvoiceTable::find(
// BGN Get ProjId for the ProjInvoiceJour
projTable = ProjTable::find(projInvoiceJour.projId());

// END

Create a method printLinkedDocuments in the Report ProjInvoice.

void printLinkedDocuments()
DocuRef docuRef;
while select docuRef
where docuRef.RefCompanyId == projTable.dataAreaId
&& docuRef.RefTableId == tableNum(ProjTable)
&& docuRef.RefRecId == projTable.RecId
if (element.printJobSettings().getTarget() ==

Call this method in the fetch method of the ProjInvoice Report.

// BGN Print documents linked with document handling
// END

if ( != 1)

When printing the ProjInvoice Report to a Printer, the linked documents will be printed too: the linked documents will be printed on the default Windows printer of the user.

Comments 2 comments
Gaurav Singhal said...

Thanks for this Tutorial. I am doing same functionality but with little more customized.
I need to get current printer setting of sales order invoice and awith those properties I need to print the documents.
Ex: If current invoice print setting is to print in XPS document, then print attached docs in same format.

David Daiker said...

In your solution do the attachments end up in the same XPS as the report or are multiple files generated?

Patrik Luca, Ieper, BELGIUM
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