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31 December 2008

Links List December 2008

I decided to share all my interesting reads and resources month by month with my blog readers. You can find these posts by searching on the label Links. I'll try to order the resources in logical categories. If you would like to see some interesting stuff added in the next month, don't hesitate to post a comment.

So this is my third Links post for December 2008.

SharePoint - General

SharePoint - Design and Customization

SharePoint - Search

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23 December 2008

Show ID field on the DispForm.aspx form page

Business requirement: Show ID field on the DispForm.aspx page

The ID field of a SharePoint list is not shown by default on the DispForm.aspx form page. This can be very annoying, especially in cases where an Issue Tracking list is used: most of the time business users want to see the ID for an Issue Tracking list item.

Solution: Create a shadow ID field

  1. Create a site column CopyID (Number, Number of decimal places: 0)
  2. Add the CopyID column to the site content type Issue.
  3. Create an Issue Tracking list.
  4. Open the site in which the Issue Tracking list is created with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer.
  5. Start creating a new Workflow (File > New > Workflow) attached to the Issue Tracking list. Let the Workflow start automatically when a new Issue Tracking list item is created.

  6. Assign the value of the ID field to the CopyID field.

  7. Use the tool SharePoint Tips Utility Pack to change the rendering of the CopyId field on the form pages (for more information, see Hide list fields upon creation of a SharePoint list item): Show the CopyId field in the Display Form, but not in the New nor Edit Forms. Change the Field Name to ID.


Upon creation or editing a Issue Tracking list item, the ID field is not shown:

Upon displaying a Issue Tracking list item, the ID field is shown. In fact this ID field, is the previously named CopyId field, which receives the value automatically from the system ID field upon creation of a new Issue Tracking List item thanks to the previously created Workflow. We need to work with a shadow ID field, as it seems not possible to render the system ID field on the DispForm.aspx page, even not with the SharePoint Tips Utility Pack: it seems as if the properties to render it on a DispForm.aspx page don't work for the system ID field. That is why I've chosen here to use a shadow field.

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21 December 2008

Forms Based Authenticated users cannot open Microsoft Office documents

Problem Description: Forms Based Authenticated users cannot open Microsoft Office documents

You have configured your Web Application to use Forms Based Authentication. Users cannot open Microsoft Office documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel files. Non-Office documents open without problem. When a user tries to open a Microsoft Office document, the Microsoft Office program is launched (such as Word), but the file, stored in a SharePoint document library, is not opened. In stead, the user sees something which is similar to the login page to which a user is redirected for a Web Application configured with Forms as Authentication Type. The document opened is also indicated as being the login.aspx page.

Solution: check the Sign me in automatically box while logging in

The user should check the Sign me in automatically box while logging in. This is the easy workaround, but you'll not always be able to teach your users this way.

Another, more user-friendly, solution, is to check the box by default. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the login.aspx page in edit mode. The login.aspx page resides in the _layouts folder (%Program Files%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS).
  2. After the </asp:login> closing tag, add following code lines:

    <script language=javascript>
         document.getElementById("ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_login_RememberMe").checked = true;
  3. Execute an iisreset.

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